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We are here to serve the musical needs of the Greater New Haven Community. We will provide affordable music lessons on most instruments. We can teach anyone who has the desire to learn. Our students are from all ages, and most of all,  from all learning abilities. We have the most patient teachers that work with our students one on one, at their pace in our friendly,  low pressure studios. We specialize in hard to teach students, they also want to learn. "We make learning music fun!" by combining the hard work of learning to read music and the enjoyment of playing our instuments for the fun and entertainment that it provides!


Here is a visual history of our family

We grew up in a musical family. Our parents knew the value of music. This was instilled in us in an early age! My mom was always singing around the house.

There was always music playing from the big bands to the early rock'n rollers. My dad strummed the guitar and sang to us when we were young.

 We have been involved in music our entire lives. Here are a few pictures of our family, father, uncles ,brothers, and cousins. Some friends also!